Poverty Response


I think the poverty campaign is a great way to show empathy for people in poverty because that is actually how they feel with only 10 dollars for breakfast, Lunch and dinner. I don’t know what I would buy it would probably be 2 min noodles.

Minecraft response


I never knew that Minecraft could be  so useful in designing buildings, parks ect. I thing its is a good idea for kids to get involved with what they want the parks to look like and suit them. Also I think that creating it on Minecraft will bring  more people towards designing  for their job.



I am working on the spicy success criteria on volume. Today Tyler, Ethan, Daniel and I started a new area of the success criteria about volume. First we researched about hoe to calculate volume, and in the end we found out that you need to multiply length by width by height and then you’ll have how many cubic cm it is in that object(also it might be different to do with the unit of measurement you use). We found out what the tissue box was: 2425.5cm³

Response Tim


What I learnt is that a whole car park of rubbish is littered every 15 seconds. In one year there is 3 million tons of plastic in the ocean. I also learnt that the great pacific garbage patch is as twice the size of Texas. I think it was prittey sad that marine life are dying because of us and 80% of the rubbish is from land. The other 20% of the rubbish comes from sailers.

Big Idea Reflection.


1. I think I did a good presentation but maybe get a bit more information.

2. I think I need to put more words on one page.

3. I think I need more slides for next time.

What I learnt from others

Laurence: Australia first became mult

100 word challenge.


“Boom Crash” The trees and cars were flying everywhere. Max wast upstairs by himself because his parents were out. Max was only 10 years old and an only child. He was up stairs in his bedroom under the doona because he hated lightning and thunder storms. “Knock knock” This was the most terrifying time of his life, he didn’t know to open it or not because it could be his parent or as max thought a ghost! He decided to go down and open it, he ran down stairs and quickly opened the door and then behind the door was nothing that was the last time they saw max.



I have achived how to divide decimals and I have learnt multiplication strategies. I went to a workshop today with miss nitchske and learnt how to divide decimals. For multiplication Ilearnt the top and bottom strategy, the repetitive addition strategy, busting up and the box strategy. My goal for next week is to learn how to multiply decimals. I am going to work on it in maths time and SDL.



1. I want to improve in high jump and I am going to practice a lot when we have time and try me best.

2. I want to improve in angles and degrees in maths and I am going to research about it and perform a workshop.

3. I want to improve my spelling by reading and if I don’t know a word I look it up on a dictionary.

4. I also want to improve in my algebra by asking my brother and sister and to do a work shop.



What is Ebola?

Ebola is a dangerous virus that can cause people to get very sick and even die. The virus is causing the biggest problems in west Africa, where it has spread very quickly. People all over the world are concerned about Ebola and are trying their hardest to stop it and treat people who are sick from Ebola.

Ebola symptoms can start with a cold and a headache . But it can get worse and can cause life threating symptoms, such as bleeding and trouble breathing.

Its important that sick people get treatment right away. People who have Ebola also need to be cared in a special way so that the disease doesn’t spread to doctors , nurses, or others on families and  communities.

Should Australia send people over to west Africa to help?

My opinion is yes they should let people to go over to west Africa because what would happen if it got out of control then it would spread to Australia because they would want to come to Australia because we don’t have the disease.



My seed!


As I walked into the terrifying haunted mansion I first spotted out the floating candle which was lit . I ran down the pitch black hallway screaming; when I couldn’t run no more I stopped in a room.  The room was pitch black, I kept tripping over something which I thought to be books. As my eyes were adjusting to the darkness of the mansion, I saw a staircase leading to the top of the mansion so I started to tiptoe up the stairs when I got to the top I saw floating tables cakes and other party foods. The ghost were having a party!