Saint Cormac of Cashel, King of Munster, Ireland and Bishop(My Saint)                                                            Born: 836


Friend of saint  Columba. First bishop of cashel, ireland. Wrote a glossary of the Irish language. The Psalter of Cashel he compiled survives to today.

Feast day: 14 September

Conoized: Pre-Congregation

HE is called the son of Cuillenan, and was descended from king Engus who was baptised by St. Patrick; and was probably the first bishop of Cashel. He is much celebrated by the Irish writers, not only for his great learning, but for his piety, charity, valour, and magnificence; and is styled by them a saint, poet, and king. He was slain in 908, fighting against Flan, king of Meath and monarch of Ireland.

  • Saint Cormac, a sixth century Irish abbot, lent his name to the village where he lived – Kilcormac. You can still visit St. Cormac’s Well;
  • Cormac mac Cuilennáin, an Irish bishop and scholar, once considered a saint;
  • A twelfth century Bishop of Dunkeld in Scotland                                                                                                                    I chose him because my last name is Irish so I wanted an Irish saint but I wanted to do someone that is different and not many people know. I found it interesting how he was a king .

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Cormac of Cashel; late 19th century by Clayton and Bell, London; left-most window, north wall, baptistry, Christ Church Cathedral, High Street, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland; photographed on 26 September 2012 by Andreas F. Borchert; swiped from Wikimedia Commons




Chapel named after saint cormac.

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